Hair Transplant is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures which is the only proven and safe solution to overcome baldness. It is a perfect blend of art & science & requires meticulous planning & execution with excellent team work.
Making slits in recipient area, loupe magnification is very important. Small holes or slits are made in the skin of the scalp. These slits are spaces where hair grafts are implanted. Slitting plays a main role in hair transplant procedure as the density and the angle of the hair depends on the slitting.
3 important things to be kept in mind while making slits
1) Depth of slits
2) Angle of slits
3) Density of slits
In frontal hair line ultra small slits with ultra high density in a random zig-zag fashion are made for single hair grafts to be implanted. Just posterier to the hair line very small slits with ultra high density are made for multiple hair grafts to be implanted. In the crown area circularly directed slits with medium density are made.
These are some essential facts to keep in mind so as to give natural look to the transplanted hairs…

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