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Book a consultation over the phone with Plastic Surgeon to discuss your goals & ask questions. He will assess your specific situation, provide recommendations, explain the procedure in detail & discuss potential risks or benefits. 


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Book a consultation over the phone with Trichologist to discuss your hair goals and expectations. Consultation is an opportunity for you to gather information, ask questions, and make an informed decision.


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Skin consultation is an opportunity for you to seek professional advice, address your concerns, and receive personalized recommendations, comprehensive assessment about your skin health by Skincare Specialist.


Dr. Ashit Gupta
MBBS, MS, MCh.(Plastic Surg.)

Dr. Ashit Gupta is the Medical Director and Chief Cosmetic Surgeon at Delight Clinics. After completing his MCh. in Plastic Surgery from the reputed Institute of CMC Ludhiana in 2009 & then working as a Consultant in the prestigious Department of Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Surgery in Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon for more than 4 years, he founded Delight Clinic in 2014 with the aim of fulfilling all types of Plastic Surgery & cosmetic needs of the patients under one roof. Dr. Ashit Gupta is a leading Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgeon in India having a large number of patients flying in for procedures from all over the world as well as from different parts of India.

About Delight Clinic
Join Hands with Delight Clinic

Looking good is a symbol of prestige, it also helps to strengthen one's self confidence and build an overall feeling of wellness. We at Delight Clinics aim to offer you a comprehensive and complete range of cosmetic enhancement to suit your requirements and more. With the fully equipped clinics backed by years of experience & cutting-edge technology, we push ahead to bring that feeling of delight as you step out of the clinics after a procedure. With highly advanced treatments and patient friendly environment, we have everything to meet your requirements under one roof. We respect the confidentiality of our clients and the trust they have in us. Delight has been offering its services not to just get the work done but to "DELIGHT".


Hair Transplants


Medi facial


Cosmetic Surgery

Our Services
All cosmetic treatments

We aim to provide our clients with an experience that is nothing short of exemplary

Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction is most widely used and the most reliable method of hair transplant being utilized for the permanent

Laser Hair Reduction

A revolution is underway, for the permanent reduction of unwanted hairs from the face and body which is virtually painless. You can now

Medi Facials

Medi facials are advanced skincare treatments performed by trained professionals in a clinical or medical setting.

PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a new “off label” treatment for hair loss conditions such as alopecia areata (‘spot baldness’) 


Aging of the human face is a complex progression and is not restricted to just the skin. It is a three-dimensional process affecting skin, fat, muscle and bone.

Semi Permanent Makeup

This is a cosmetic procedure performed by a plastic surgeon to enhance certain features of the face through the application of pigments.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is a process of eliminating or fading a tattoo. There are two different type of methods for Tattoo removal, one is surgical and another is Laser Tattoo removal.

Acne Treatment

Acne is caused when the pores of your skin become blocked with bacteria, oil or dead skin. Each pore on your skin leads to a hair follicle and sebaceous

Our Working Process

Meet the experts over a cup of coffee and discuses your hair and skin concerns. Experts will advice you the best possible treatment to achieve your hair and skin goals.

Patient Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority. Next step would be to decide the date & time for the procedure with mutual consent of doctor & patient. Patient can even get the cosmetic treatment done on the same day itself.

Treatment Day

A day before of treatment, reception team will contact & give you relevant information how to prepare for the treatment day and help you to guide through the journey of healthy skin and hair.

Post Care

Remember that the post-care instructions can vary depending on the procedure and individual circumstances. Our dedicated team will provide the specific instructions for the best recovery and outcome.

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