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Hair Transplant procedure is a common cosmetic procedure now a days. You can find various clinics who are promising and performing to perform hair transplant with cheaper price and higher density or higher grafts transplant. But please don’t let your life in danger only because of cheaper price.
Recently, we had a visitor who had undergone Hair Transplant procedure from some clinic where they charged him less price and promised him too many numbers of grafts. But after some days he started to notice that the skin of scalp is not healing and it is becoming worst day by day. Then someone referred him to meet Dr. Ashit Gupta (MBBS, MS, MCh (Plastic Surg.)) at Delight Clinic. Dr. Ashit Gupta examined him and diagnosed him as a case of skin necrosis post hair transplant. This complication can happen even in best surgical hands but is much more likely to happen with inexperienced/unqualified doctors with poor surgical techniques and inadequate knowledge of anatomy and physiology of scalp blood supply. So, this complication can lead to permanent scarring with very poor cosmetic outcome.
So, choose your hair transplant doctor wisely!!!!
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