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Fairer skin has been an innate desire of one in three Indians, or maybe more as a complexion fairer than one's own has been regarded as a sign of beauty and also has been psychologically linked to success.
There have been many a lotions and potions tried for skin lightening, which have done a lot of harm to the skin. There also have been many instances when patients have been applying steroids and other harsh bleaching agents on the skin in the hope of becoming fairer. This may sometimes result in permanent damage to the skin and make victims of diseases like Acne, Rosacea and skin infections. Now with the advent of lights and laser based treatments, it has become very scientific, safe and widely used. Treatments are now available at Delight Skin Clinic by our expert Specialist.
Lasers mixed with many other safe applications are bound to give you a naturally glowing and fairer skin without harming it.

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