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Hair Care after Hair Transplant
The procedure of hair transplant is very comfortable even in immediate post procedure period. If the post-operative instructions are followed carefully, in most patients, the hair transplant is minimally detectable after a few days and almost undetectable after the first week to ten days. Various important instructions to be followed after a hair transplant surgery are:

➞ Alcoholic beverages and smoking should not to be done for at least ten days after your surgical procedure.

➞ Do not take VITAMINS, ASPIRIN or IBUPROFEN or ARTHRITIS MEDICATION for at least 3 days after your procedure. These medications will thin the blood and may result in excessive bleeding.

➞ A minimal dressing is generally done immediately after the procedure. This is removed after 48 to 72 hours.

➞ Medicines prescribed to you by the doctor must be taken on time and report to the clinic in case you face any problems.

➞ Refrain from exercise such as running, cycling, and weight lifting, as well as activities such as golf, baseball, soccer, etc. at least ten days after your surgical procedure. Such activity, when enjoyed prior to this critical period may result in bleeding and loss of grafts, as well as intense swelling around the eyes and forehead.

➞ Do not bend over or engage in any lifting for at least 48 hours after surgery to avoid bleeding or excess swelling. Keep your head and upper body elevated above the level of your heart during this time, especially when sleeping.

➞ If there is swelling on the forehead, Do not panic. The swelling will subside spontaneously in 2 to 3 days.

➞ Sleep with your head and upper body propped up on several pillows for the first 3 to 4 days. This will prevent swelling of the forehead.

➞ The graft sites will form scabs in 24 to 72 hours after surgery, and the scabs fall off in 3-10 days. This is absolutely normal.

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